• Keith Tanwani

    Keith plays for the Cologne Crocodiles U20. He is only 18 years old and the star player of his team. He is a versatile threat to any defense and one of the best Receivers in the league! Nothing else to expect from the face of the GFL Juniors.

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  • Jonathan Mbanefo

    Jonathan (aka Jay) is a rising star from the UK. He played his first professional season for the Minden Wolves in Germany and is currently playing for the Univeristy of Nottingham in the UK. He also participated in two Deestroying 1v1 Tournaments, where he made an big Impact!

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  • Finn Schwarzkopf

    The best safety in the GFL Juniors and the first ever ICED UP Athlete. Finn played half of last Season for Frankfurt Galaxy in the ELF, now he is back to run it up again with the Bad Homburg Sentinels U20 for his last GFL Juniors season. He is also a key player in the defense for gemanys national team.

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  • Noah Bomba

    Noah Bomba, first ever European Champion with Frankfurt Galaxy in the first ever ELF season in 2021. Explosive Receiver with many special traits. He had many stations in the ELF and is among the top young prospects in the league. He played this winter for Camioneros de Coslada (Madrid). He will suit up for the Hamburg Sea Devils in the upcoming ELF season!

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  • Eritros Haggi

    Eritros (aka Eddy) is a dangerous Receiver known for his catching abilities in traffic! A big playmaker who will be playing his first ELF season for the Cologne Centurions. Previously he played for the Marburg Mercenaries, where he showed that he is among the best youngsters in the league!

    Get to know Eddy 
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